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Henry Ford said “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” This quote applies perfectly to the Hermione adventure. In the past, frigates symbolised freedom, exploration, technical and military prowess. Today, this fabulous creation built by hand, represents the fulfilment of a dream, surpassing oneself and incredible team spirit. For us, having our organisation partner with the Hermione-Lafayette Association means upholding these values. It’s a way of showing that professional success is always supported by perseverance, the human dimension and people standing together.

Pauline Bord

President of the “Histoire Retrouvée” society
As a business manager, the Hermione – La Fayette association and the building of this ship spoke to my most core values, as much for the human dynamic involved as for the challenge it represents.

What could be more gratifying than supporting such an extraordinary adventure, which could not be achieved without the motivation and commitment of a whole team of enthusiasts and especially because it keeps traditional professions flourishing and helps pass these skills along.

I am particularly sensitive to the way the association accommodates learning, helping to pass along their values and savoir-faire, especially to the younger, school-age generation.

M. Finelle

Director of “Mistral Maquette”

By joining the Hermione - La Fayette Association you can ...

  • Get free entry tickets for the self-guided tour of the Hermione section (exhibitions, maintenance workshops, frigate) at the Arsenal des Mers.
  • Enjoy 10% off private events on the Hermione and off our remote services (conferences, virtual visits, talks from boatswains)
  • Get 10% off all purchases from the Hermione store (except books)
  • Follow the Hermione adventure at her dock in Rochefort or at sea
  • Get prime support with organising your events with the Hermione in Rochefort or on a stopover!

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