In Anglet

Visit L'Hermione in the port of Bayonne.

If you want to see even more, our teams offer you a boatswain’s guided tour. Enjoy a 1 hr 30 tour with a boatswain guide, a member of the frigate’s crew and see behind the scenes of this incredible adventure. Hear all about the Hermione‘s sailing adventures with the sea trials of 2014, the great voyage to the USA in 2015, her Mediterranean journey of 2018 or the trip to Normandy in 2019.

Les visites guidées

Looking for even more?

Looking for even more? (Tours in French)

Provided by real sailors from the ship herself, the guided tours of the Hermione allow you to discover even more about the famous Frigate of Liberty!

Follow them on board and find out all about their everyday life. Explore the spaces and let them thell you about “their Hermione”.

Go on a fascinating tour giving you a real insight into what life is like aboard an 18th century frigate.

How to book a visit to the Hermione in Anglet?

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Discover our guided tour offers!

Guided tours of the Hermione - reservation recommended

Boatswain's guided tour (For age 6 and up)

During this hour-and-a-half commented tour, discover the everyday life of the sailors on board the Hermione and their living spaces on the frigate! A member of the crew will share their experience with you and accompany you to the living areas of the ship. Your tour will take you from the battery deck, in the middle of the cannons, through the Great Cabin, the officers’ quarters and the orlop deck, where the sailors sleep!

  • 18 places – Duration: 1.30 hrs

    Good mobility is required, for ages 6 and up.

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