Some have been involved with us for many years, others have joined the adventure more recently. Each in their own way, our partners help keep our association flourishing.

We’d like to thank them for their support!

“Today we are much more than just a ship and we have a lot we can build with companies based on this one-of-a-kind seafaring adventure with its human angle.”

Emilie Beau

Executive director

Partners communities

Main partners

Having committed at our side for several years, these companies are financially associated with the practical side of our association.

Technical partners

By providing their equipment or their service, these companies help us to make our association work.

Media and events partners

They give us the benefit of their audience and their expertise to make the Hermione more visible to the public.

Training partners

Thanks to their support or their expertise, we promote and develop training courses that apply our association’s know-how and values.

Tourism partners

We work in close collaboration so we can promote our Rochefort tour site and keep people coming.

Maritime heritage partners

We regularly collaborate with other players in the sector to defend maritime heritage.


Meet with us so that together we can build a partnership tailored to you !