Visit the 'Grand Carénage' site in Anglet


Unique to France, discover this famous replica of an 18th-century three-masted sailing ship, along with her voyages, her crew, and life on board as well as her maintenance workshops and exhibitions located at the Grand Carénage site in Anglet.

#covid19info – Our tour has been adapted in line with Covid measures, in accordance with government health measures, so a valid health pass will be requested to access the tour site.

#goodtoknow – Depending on the maintenance work on board the Hermione, certain areas of the frigate may temporarily be inaccessible to visitors for security reasons. Your boatswain guide will explain all the work in progress.

Reservation required for group visits

These tours are only accessible to children aged 6 and over.

For a visit in a foreign language or for people with disabilities, please contact us.

Free admission for the driver.

Guided tours for adult groups

Hermione adventure

  • Guided tour, duration: 1 hour
  • Up to 40 people

During this visit, discover the challenges the Association overcame to construct, sail and maintain the biggest active replica sailing ship in the world. The boatswain guide will take you through the history of the project to reconstruct the frigate in the Arsenal of Rochefort, touching on the history of the Hermione and its crew in the 18th century, and talking about the adventures of both the ship and crew when sailing in the 21st century. The boatswain guide will take you on a tour from the quay to the battery deck to the upper deck, while sharing the Hermione’s seafaring adventure with a personal angle.


Fewer than 15 people: €135 flat rate

15 to 40 people: €9 per adult; €6 per child (6-15 years old)


Jusqu’à 15 personnes : forfait de 135 €

16 à 40 personnes : 9 € / adulte ; 6 € / enfant (6-15 ans)

The boatswain guided tour

  • Guided tour, duration: 1.30 hour
  • Up to 18 people

Discover the sailors’ daily life when the Hermione is at sea! An important member of the crew, the boatswain will be your guide, sharing the frigate’s history with you, their own personal experience of sailing, and the major maintenance works being undertaken currently. After a general presentation of the project, the construction and the ship, head up to the upper deck to discover the process of manoeuvring on a tall ship and how work is split up among the crew. The guide will then take you to the battery deck where you will see how the meals are prepared on board both today and in the past. Then make your way down to the orlop deck, where the crew lives, in a space less than 1m60 (5’2″) high where the dormitories, the toilets and the gunroom are (the latter now serving as an infirmary and a rest area for the crew).


Fewer than 16 people: €288 flat rate

Over 16 people: €16 per adult; €8 per child (6-15 years old)

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