Enjoy a guided tour or an event tailored to your student's level!

Guided tours of the Hermione for school groups at the port of Bayonne in Anglet.

Discover this famous replica of an 18th-century three-masted sailing ship, along with her voyages, her crew, and life on board as well as her maintenance workshops and exhibitions located at the Grand Carénage site in Anglet.

Recommended group types: primary school, middle school, college, vocational school (our guides adapt the content of visits and activities to fit your group type)

Leisure centres and holiday resorts are also welcome to book these tours and talks.

Guided tours of the Hermione for school groups

A guide member of the crew will invite your students to discover what the life of the crew is like on a frigate today and in the 18th century, with lots of personal input. Students will learn about:

The technical and personnel operations of the ship in two different eras;

The concept of heritage, time and passing skills down through the example of the Hermione;

The different professions, how the day is split up, the living and working spaces.

Based on the sailors’ accounts and sharing of experiences, the guide helps the students achieve the following educational objectives:

Discovering the role of a boatswain and their life on board;

Discovering life at sea, far from the everyday realities of their usual life;

Awareness of the seafaring world and the history illustrated by the Hermione;

Awareness of the concepts of heritage and passing skills and traditions along;

Awareness of community life, volunteering and associative involvement;

Learning about the association’s values: sharing, tolerance, respect, commitment, enthusiasm.

A tour of both upper decks of the ship (forecastle and battery deck) is included in this visit.

Duration: 1 hour

  • Fewer than 15 students: €60 tour package
  • From 15 students and up: group rate of €4 per student
  • 1 free guide for 10 students – free for driver

Commented tour of the permanent route available in a foreign language: (English, German, Spanish) €30 flat rate in addition to the tour price

The boatswain guided tour

A member of the crew welcomes you to tell you about their personal adventure aboard the Hermione. Discover the daily life of today’s sailors, their work during their watches, and their sailing memories. Access to the upper deck, the battery deck and the officers’ quarters included, as well as the orlop deck with the sleeping area and the wheelhouse.

Duration: 1.30 hours

€9 per child – €17 per adult

18 people max.

Discover the hermione at your school and enjoy your own personal encounter in your classroom!

Based on the bonds of sharing and teamwork, a boatswain guide (a member of the crew) comes directly to your class and encourages you to step aboard the ship through the talk:

Living on board the Hermione in the 18th century and today

During this talk, your students will discover:

  • The Hermione adventure from a sailor’s point of view; a discovery of what it’s like to be part of a frigate’s crew nowadays and in the 18th century through personal experience;
  • The different professions on board, how the day is split up, and the various spaces.

A Q&Q session where students can ask the boatswain questions is also included in this talk.

Throughout the talk, the boatswain guide will illustrate their experience with photos, videos and a virtual tour.

After the talk, every child as well as the class will be given a souvenir of this visit.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: from €190 (plus transport and catering costs)

Technical requirements: microphone, screen, projector

Recommended group types: primary school, middle school, college, vocational school (our guides tailor the content of the talk to fit your group type)